Dear users, as Adobe officially dropped support for the flash player and most of the  browsers also blocked the flash player plugins, we are trying to adapt the changes. Unfortunately we had to remove the waste part of our games due to dropped support. However we think this brings the new opportunities with the later and improved technologies. We will continue adding interesting and fun games created with newer, supported technologies. Stay with us and enjoy online free gaming. :)

Marko Polo

Game Name: Marko Polo
Played: 37,488 times
Game Description: Are there any camels in China? Marco Polo knows the right answer. He met Chinese Imperator and received rich gifts. Probably, you will write a famous book like Journey Beyond Three Seas. Oh, don`t waste your time when you can receive rich gifts from this slot. 10 free games are ready for you. Become richer then Chinese Imperator!
Marko Polo

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