Dear users, as Adobe officially dropped support for the flash player and most of the  browsers also blocked the flash player plugins, we are trying to adapt the changes. Unfortunately we had to remove the waste part of our games due to dropped support. However we think this brings the new opportunities with the later and improved technologies. We will continue adding interesting and fun games created with newer, supported technologies. Stay with us and enjoy online free gaming. :)

Crazy Monkey

Game Name: Crazy Monkey
Played: 49,208 times
Game Description: Poor little monkey! It is really crazy. It wants to go through the dangerous Jungle and stays alive. The Jungle contains not only bananas, Calibri birds and butterflies, but poisoned snakes and frogs and mushrooms. Of course, you will help it! It is not free aid. It gives you a credit (1000). You can win a lot of credits. You can even play a risk game. But if you meet a Spider, all your credits will remain in it`s net... Remember! Slots are completely random. Please, read HELP very attentively.
Crazy Monkey

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